Deregulation: Your Chance to Pool Buying Power

Consumers in many states can now choose their electricity supplier, thanks to legislatures and public-utility commissions opening retail competition for electricity supply. Similar to deregulation of telephone service, energy deregulation enables customers to comparison-shop for an energy supplier — and Good Energy is here to help businesses navigate the procurement process and to help local governments pool households for maximum buying clout.

Deregulation provides customers with a choice of competitive energy suppliers, which are typically companies that own or take long term positions in energy assets such as power plants. But the delivery, transmission and distribution of power remains the responsibility of the current, local, regulated power company. Consumers in deregulated states have the opportunity to choose environmentally friendly power generators and shop according to price, without worrying about negative changes in service reliability.

Good Energy helps consumers navigate the sometimes-complex energy buying opportunities available in the marketplace. Good Energy has built its business on understanding how to secure the best contracts possible and avoid the pitfalls of changing market conditions. Good Energy gives you the tools to choose an energy supplier in the most informed manner possible.

Your Power of Choice

Deregulation fosters competition among energy suppliers and combats the high prices maintained by government-regulated regional monopolies. Also, when customers have a greater choice of electricity providers, more consumer-friendly energy products emerge.

As greater numbers of consumers take advantage of deregulation, the marketplace responds accordingly. Almost all consumers in deregulated markets can shop for beneficial electricity and natural-gas rates. However, the particulars of switching energy providers can be complex.

For example, municipal utilities, electric cooperatives and similar government-owned utilities are often excluded from, or do not have the jurisdiction to participate in, a deregulated marketplace. This means that sometimes customers separated by just a few blocks can have vastly different power costs. Good Energy specializes in finding ways for our customers to make the most out of whatever options are available.

Can Deregulation Benefit My Community?

First, check to see if you live in a deregulated state. Deregulation is implemented at the state level, and states are currently at different stages of the process.

Good Energy provides electricity supply consulting and brokerage service in the following deregulated states:

• Connecticut 
• Illinois 
• Maryland 
• Massachusetts 
• Michigan 
• New Jersey 
• New York 
• Ohio 
• Oregon 
• Pennsylvania 
• Texas

If you live in a deregulated state, you can receive a no-obligation energy-rate analysis and make an appointment for a consultation with a Good Energy professional by calling (866) 955-2677. Good Energy can also provide natural-gas supply consulting services in nearly every state.