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Government Energy Aggregation: Buy Together, Save Together in New Jersey

In New Jersey, local governments can create large electricity-buying groups to purchase a cheaper and more stable energy supply. The Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) program (also known as Community Energy Aggregation, or CEA) provides many benefits, including:

  • Long-term fixed energy pricing
  • Predictable monthly energy expenses
  • Protection against volatile seasonal prices
  • Support for sustainability-driven community goals and initiatives

Benefits of Choosing a Good Energy Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) Program
The national leader in structuring and implementing community and Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) programs, Good Energy serves more communities and residents than any other energy consultant. With more than 200 Community Energy Aggregation programs representing more than one million households, Good Energy manages energy procurement for 1 percent of the U.S. population.

A comprehensive, well-run Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) program through Good Energy offers more than just lower rates, though. Good Energy’s programs are the most successful turnkey initiatives available and are always evolving. We continually update communities about our programs to optimize participation, ensuring that a maximum amount of savings remains in the local economy.

See how a New Jersey Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) program in Gloucester Township, Winslow Township and Somerdale is reducing electricity costs.

Good Energy also offers demand-management resources to help people in your community reduce energy consumption. For more information about how Good Energy can save your community money and make energy prices more predictable, call (866) 955-2677.

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