Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Why Go Green?

Your customers want you to. Your shareholders want you to. Your employees want you to. And your children want you to.

Renewable Energy – Benefits

An investment in cleaner renewable energy will satisfy the needs of your customers, shareholders, employees and the decision makers of tomorrow by allowing your business to make substantiated marketing and public relations statements about its strong environmental commitment. Good Energy will provide a Public Relations Messaging Guide outlining the specific environmental claims that can be made, and the best means to leverage these claims with the media and interested stakeholders.

How is this done?

Good Energy sells carbon-neutral energy products for commercial energy users throughout the United States. The most popular products are called Renewable Energy Certificates.

Renewable Energy Certificates

A purchase of renewable energy certificates, (RECs), includes title to the positive environmental attributes of renewable power generation. The environmental benefit to RECs and “green” power are the same. RECs can bring the green power benefit to customers nation-wide cost effectively and independently of third party retail power supply contracts. RECs are sourced from new renewable power generation units and allow the buyer to qualify for the prestigious EPA Green Power Partnership Program.

Emissions-Free Electrical Consumption

The RECs purchase would offset a stipulated percentage of a business’s national carbon dioxide footprint associated with electricity consumption. RECs are sold in units equal to energy consumption, so if a business consumes 5,000,000 kWh (5,000 MWh) annually, then a 5,000 RECs purchase could be made to offset 100% of the negative environmental attributes of that amount of energy consumption. Purchases are typically made annually, and are a surprisingly cost-effective means of reducing the carbon footprint of any business.

Delivery and Attestation

RECs are delivered and invoiced per terms of a contract and will be legally transferred to the customer. All environmental attributes convey to the customer along with the necessary Certificates-of-Purchase, and an annual attestation chain. Contact Good Energy for a no-obligation analysis of the environmental benefits associated with a renewable energy certificate purchase for your business today.