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Community Choice Electricity Aggregation (CCA) allows cities and towns to buy electricity in bulk for all their residents and businesses that have not already selected a third party supplier. This creates massive buying power, so that participants can benefit from highly competitive rates sourced from responsible suppliers, with exciting local renewable electricity options in order to combat climate change.

The Ocean state enacted municipal aggregation under RIGL §39-3-1.2 , and many cities and towns are ready to take control of their electricity supply. From our office in Providence, Good Energy is excited to partner with municipalities to make community choice electricity aggregation (CCA) a reality.

The Benefits
Our goal is to provide savings compared to National Grid’s Standard Offer Service1. Additional benefits of CCA include:

Price Stability
YourTown CEA will contract for a multi-year, fixed price contract. In contrast, National Grid Standard Offer Service rates change every six months for Residential and Commercial customers and every three months for Large Industrial customers.

Consumer Protection
Your CCA will include consumer-protection focused terms and conditions such as the ability to leave the program at any time without penalty.

Electricity Choice
Your CCA will create new electricity options for your residents and businesses. The CCA will have a standard product and can offer optional products as well. Optional products typically differ in how much additional renewable energy they provide, such as 50% or 100%.

How It Works
National Grid provides service to 99% of Rhode Island ratepayers2. National Grid will always provide your electricity bill and they will manage the poles and wires that get electricity to you. By default, National Grid also provides you with electricity supply called Standard Offer Service. With CEA, a city or town uses a competitive bid to select a new supplier on behalf of all its residents and businesses currently getting Standard Offer Service.

The new supply source and rate will be included on your existing utility bill. Participants can opt-out at any time without penalty and can even opt-out before it begins. Municipalities work with experienced consultants, like Good Energy, to implement CEA programs.

Read more about the benefits of aggregation and learn about our renewable energy here.

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1Disclaimer: A goal of the CEA program is to produce savings for customers, but savings cannot be guaranteed compared to the utility’s standard offer service rate which changes every three months for industrial customers and every six months for residential and small commercial customers. The Aggregation program seeks to provide price stability and average savings over the full term of the program, but because future standard offer service rates are not known, there is no guarantee of savings.