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Good Energy is currently able to provide electricity supply consulting services for commercial and industrial consumers of power in New Jersey. You can take the first step towards achieving savings for your New Jersey facility by downloading Good Energy’s account usage release form, printing it, filling in the blanks, then faxing it back to us at (212)792-0223 FAX. Download the form here:

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Good Energy may be able to offer cost savings to commercial and industrial consumers of energy in New Jersey.

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Deregulation Milestones in New Jersey:

  • Aug/00: As of August 1, the one-year anniversary of the start of customer choice in New Jersey, the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) reports that 73,133 of the State’s 3.1 million residential customers have switched suppliers. About 410,886 commercial and industrial consumers have switched suppliers. Approximately 13.5% of the power load in the State is supplied by alternative retail suppliers.
  • March/00: Consumers in NJ, 48,000 residential and 19,000 businesses representing about 12 percent of the load, have switched electricity suppliers according the NJ BPU.
  • Dec/99: Customers in NJ began receiving power from their suppliers of choice on November 14, 1999.
  • Aug/99: As a result of legislation passed 2/99, retail choice for all consumers became a reality on 8/1/99 in New Jersey.
  • March/99: New Jersey plans to launch its consumer education for electricity restructuring and retail choice program on 6/1/99.