Electricity Cost Analysis and Brokerage Services

In deregulated electricity supply markets throughout the United States, it is possible to shop for electricity supply contract offers from a wide array of energy suppliers. Careful analysis of existing energy use patterns, historical costs, tariffs, market trends and the different available offers is required in order to know if it makes economic sense to take advantage of an available offer. Good Energy provides obligation-free electricity cost analysis services to commercial, industrial and institutional facility managers in all deregulated United States electricity supply markets. Our national perspective and relationships with dozens of the most qualified suppliers in the United States allow us to present a maximum number of choices to each of our customers. Armed with these choices and the key information required to select the best offer, a customer can be confident that they are making energy procurement decisions in the smartest possible way.

What’s the Value to My Business?

By presenting a large number of competitive quotes for each account, Good Energy increases the chances that the lowest cost-qualified provider is matched with the customer’s needs. The spread between the lowest cost offer and the average of all offers is typically substantial. Additionally, Good Energy verifies that all quotes are generated by the suppliers at the same moment, ensuring that market movements do not make one offer artificially higher or lower than others. It’s also important to choose the right product type, (fixed price, index, block + index, etc.) given market conditions, and Good Energy helps energy users understand how correct product selection can help minimize energy costs. Finally, by ensuring that all suppliers are quoting all-inclusive prices with the same cost components, (“apples-to-apples”), Good Energy helps eliminate any surprises when the first invoice is issued.

How Do I Get Started?

The analysis process begins with a review of existing electricity accounts and historical usage data. Good Energy makes the collection of this data easy. In the event Good Energy determines a customer can benefit by contracting with a third party energy supplier, Good Energy will submit the formatted historical usage data to a host of competitive energy supply companies, and those companies will respond with quotes for the supply of energy. The quotes will be forwarded to the customer as part of an analysis and recommendation package. In the event a contract is selected, and fully executed, Good Energy remains involved for the term of the contract and beyond. Good Energy continually watches the market and identifies opportunities to tack on contract term when it is advantageous to do so. Bill reporting services are also available to help spot energy usage pattern changes, billing discrepancies and budget variances.