Increasing the Value of Your Associations

Industry associations are formed to provide networking, ongoing education and sharing of vital industry information that help association members enhance their business or personal development. Business associations such as manufacturing, hospitality or restaurant, partner with companies that offer its membership specialized services. This increases the value of the association and offers the membership a richer experience.

Good Energy can strengthen the relationship with most industry associations and its members. By designing and implementing an energy aggregation plan endorsed by the association, members can benefit from the economies of scale of bulk energy purchasing. This is a powerful tool to enhance membership experience and offer more attractive energy prices to association members.

In many cases, due to the pooling of several commercial customers, associations can save their members on energy costs while creating revenue share for its organization. This additional income can allow the association to provide additional services for members, such as research studies, marketing, and education. Furthermore, Good Energy can provide energy research to association members to keep them abreast of the often volatile energy markets.

By implementing a managed approach to procuring energy that incorporates market foresight and an understanding of seasonal trends, Good Energy identifies the lowest cost and most beneficial product type for your member businesses. Ultimately, a well-planned energy program increases association services that bolster and grow membership.