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We optimize your energy-buying strategy, so your business can operate more efficiently.

Massachusetts Aggregation Program

Find out the latest program benefits and how Massachusetts is leading the way.

Community Energy Aggregation

Good Energy serves more communities and residents than any other energy consultant. 

Why Good Energy?

Good Energy develops and implements aggressive and innovative programs tailored to the end user’s patterns of electricity consumption. Our comprehensive electricity analysis services provide customers with the information needed to make intelligent and informed energy decisions.

Good Energy has been involved in procuring electricity since the inception of retail deregulation several years ago. Good Energy offers both supply side and demand side management services. We have no financial interest in any fixed energy assets, (power plants), and therefore can give unbiased energy procurement advice.

We assist our customers in the preparation and negotiation of beneficial electricity supply contracts directly with utility companies. Thanks to our large economy of scale, we are able to secure contract considerations which might not be available to consumers directly. Historically, Good Energy has been able to optimize commercial businesses energy procurement needs.