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Managing Costs & Going Green Made Easy

Addressing the needs of this market is essential. In the United States, buildings account for more than 42 percent of overall energy consumption and more than 70 percent of electricity consumed, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Also, buildings in the U.S. are responsible for almost 40 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas and carbon-dioxide emissions.

We know that property owners and managers face tremendous energy challenges. Volatile energy markets can skew budget projections, making expense forecasting difficult. However, Good Energy’s extensive real estate experience enables us to help property owners and managers control energy costs and forecast more accurately than ever.

Increasing numbers of real estate companies seek environmentally friendly technologies and renewable energy generation sources. Among the benefits of developing a green strategy are higher property values, tenant retention and improved community relations. With Good Energy, you can stay ahead of these innovations while simultaneously reducing costs.

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