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Good Energy may be able to offer cost savings to commercial and industrial consumers of energy in Texas.

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Overview: The state has energy-efficiency and demand-response programs. Under Texas legislation, electric utilities are required to implement energy-efficiency programs that reduce the utility’s forecasted annual growth in demand by at least 10 percent by January 2004. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) approved a set of statewide standard offer and market transformation programs that may be available to customers in each of the investor-owned utilities’ service territories.


The Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Program are offered by the state’s major utilities, including, American Electric Power (AEP) (Southwestern Electric Power Co., Central Power and Light Co., and West Texas Utilities), TXU Electric, Reliant Houston Light and Power, Entergy (EGSI Texas), and El Paso Energy. These programs provide incentives to implement energy-efficiency and summer peak demand reduction measures. Customers may participate directly, or have a third party, such as Good Energy, act as the Project Sponsor. Incentives are paid for both energy and summer peak demand savings and are based on either deemed savings values or measurement and verification. Incentive levels and eligibility requirements vary for each utility.

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Deregulation Milestones in Texas:

  • June/99: Restructuring legislation enacted in June will open the retail market for electricity by January 2002, except for customers of cooperatives and municipals that do not opt for direct access.
  • Dec/20: While retail competition in Texas remains on schedule to begin on January 1, 2002, the Enron collapse has affected the shape of the developing competitive electricity market. Last week, staff members of the Public Utility Commission (PUC) announced that an Enron subsidiary will give up approximately 12,000 business customers it had signed up for service in a deregulated market. The subsidiary will either sell those customer contracts to another electric company or return the customers to TXU or Houston’s Reliant Energy, according to PUC staff. Because of Enron’s bankruptcy, another subsidiary has been barred from trading on the Texas power grid. Regulators also announced that a third subsidiary will surrender its certification to sell power in Texas. New Power Company, another Enron offshoot, remains ready to offer its services in 2002, but PUC Chairman Max Yzaguirre said that regulators will be keep a close watch on the company to ensure that it continues meeting its financial requirements.
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