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Green Energy, Stable Rates with Good Energy New York CCAs

With recent approval from the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC), cities and towns throughout New York, including Long Island, can now participate in Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs. These innovative, new programs enable New Yorkers to potentially save money on energy by creating economies of scale, and communities can select environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources.

New York City-based Good Energy is an innovator and leader in CCA programs throughout the country for more than 20 years. Now, as an energy consultant recognized by NYSPC to conduct CCA programs in New York, Good Energy can share its decades of CCA experience with New York cities and towns. Good Energy pioneered New York CCA programs and helped develop the state’s pilot program, Sustainable Westchester. Good Energy has already started helping New York communities lower energy bills and turn to more renewable energy options.

Within New York State, Good Energy is the fully endorsed, exclusive energy consultant to the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) and the New York State Association of Town (AOT).

New York Association of Towns and New York Conference of Mayors

Track Record of New York Success 

In addition to helping create the New York State CCA pilot initiative that other programs in the state are based on, Good Energy is establishing CCA programs for Empire State communities including:

Town of Ballston
Town of Brookhaven
Village of Gouverneur
Town of Gouverneur
Village West Carthage
Town of Champion
Village of New Hempstead
Village of Wesley Hills

Town of Cairo
Town of New Baltimore
Village of Coxsackie
Village of Fayetteville
Village of Lynbrook
Village of Minoa
Town of Cicero
Village of Tully

Town of Chazy
Town of Plattsburgh
Village of Greenwood Lake
Village of Athens
City of Lackawanna
Town of Pulaski

Good Energy New York CCA programs enable communities to manage energy usage and bills, deploy wider use of clean energy. Also, New York Good Energy CCA programs help businesses reduce energy bills and find ways to save money on electricity and gas costs.

Good Energy Community Solar: A Smarter Way for Local, Clean Energy

New community solar initiatives allow New Yorkers to save money on electric bills while also utilizing renewable energy. A big plus to this program: No rooftop solar panel installation is required. Community solar projects are installed at an offsite location and those in the community can sign up to receive credits on electric bills from the clean energy produced.

Through a Good Energy solar subscription service, New Yorkers keep their current electric utility and will receive a credit on their energy bill. The benefits of Good Energy’s community solar program include:

  • No rooftop installation
  • Convenience with simple sign up
  • No upfront costs, no investment, no financing
  • Promotes local economic development, investments in community
  • Lowers residents’ electricity bills through Solar Credits
  • Positive environmental impact
  • State grant money available
  • Work toward New York State climate targets

No contract is required for municipalities that sign up, and the process of creating a community solar program can be started with a simple motion by the community board. Good Energy will provide support material, including a website landing page and outreach letters explaining the community solar program to residents.

Can Your New York Community Benefit from a Good Energy CCA?

Towns and cities in New York State, as well as those on Long Island, can form a municipally endorsed energy-savings program for natural gas and electricity. Your community can also choose whether how much to rely on renewable energy.

Good Energy has the expert staff to quickly and effectively roll out a CCA program for your New York community. When Good Energy administers a CCA, communities avoid using municipal staff resources to provide lower energy rates to residents. There are other benefits, such as:

  • Long-term fixed energy pricing
  • Predictable monthly energy expenses
  • Protection against volatile seasonal prices
  • Support for sustainability-driven community goals and initiatives

For more information about how Good Energy can save your community money and make energy prices more predictable, call (866) 955-2677.

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