Chambers of Commerce

Working with Your Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce and similar organizations are perfect candidates for instituting an affinity program where member businesses can save money on their utility bills while developing energy buying strategies moving forward. Participants gain the buying power leverage of their fellow member businesses all under the direction of a diligently selected energy consultant who not only runs the program, but advises those who wish to participate on their available options. That service comes without any out-of-pocket expense to the business owner or the chamber. Since energy costs typically fall within the top three expenditures for any business, chamber membership fees are often offset, sometimes completely, depending on the size of the business, by the savings the affinity program yields. In many cases, membership costs may even be offset several times over.

But it’s not just businesses that benefit. The chamber also stands to benefit, enabling additional member engagement on critical business operating costs, creating an ongoing revenue stream, and distinguishing itself from other member-driven organizations, the latter serving as a powerful driver for new membership.