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Good Energy: The Smart, Hometown Choice for Long Island CCA Programs

Community Choice Aggregation is coming to Long Island, offering stable electricity rates, potential savings on energy bills and community solar programs. Now available to Long Island residents and small commercial consumers, a Good Energy Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) enables energy customers to pool their buying power.

Approved by the New York State Public Service Commission, New York State towns and cities, including those in Long Island, can form municipally endorsed energy-savings programs for natural gas and electricity.

Good Energy is a New York-based energy company that pioneered Community Choice Aggregation and during the past two decades has become the national leader in CCA programs. Good Energy also helped develop New York’s first pilot program CCA, which formed the basis for programs available throughout the Empire State. In addition, Good Energy already serves as the CCA administrator for several New York communities.

Within New York State, Good Energy is the fully endorsed, exclusive energy consultant to the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) and the New York State Association of Town (AOT).

New York Association of Towns and New York Conference of Mayors

Good Energy has the expert staff to quickly and effectively roll out a CCA program for your Long Island community. When Good Energy administers a CCA, communities avoid using municipal staff resources to provide lower energy rates to residents. There are other benefits, too, including:

  • Long-term fixed energy pricing
  • Predictable monthly energy expenses
  • Protection against volatile seasonal prices
  • Support for sustainability-driven community goals and initiatives

Good Energy: Renewable Choices for Long Island

Good Energy has extensive experience with environmentally friendly energy programs, such as green aggregations and community solar. Good Energy launched the first green aggregations in Massachusetts, allowing communities there to choose how much of their energy is supplied by renewable sources.

Good Energy green energy options within a CCA are tailored to a community’s specific energy and sustainability goals. For example, Good Energy has helped some communities rely 100 percent on renewable energy, and Good Energy can incorporate renewable options into a CCA with little to no additional cost. Good Energy has extensive experience with Renewable Energy Certificates and offers multiple options to attain community renewable energy goals.

Community Solar Options Available to Select Long Island Communities

Good Energy community solar is a program that allows residents to rely on solar power with no rooftop installations and no upfront costs. In communities where space is available, a field of solar panels are placed, and residents can opt in for a share of the energy produced by that solar field.

Sign up is simple, with no financing nor initial investment from the community or residents. Those who opt in can receive solar credits, decreasing energy bills. There’s no contract with the municipality, and a motion to support or MOU can start the process. Once approved by the town or village board, Good Energy and the solar field developer provide support information about how to sign up, including a website and other support materials that are mailed to residents.

What is Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)?

For more information about how Good Energy can save your community money and make energy prices more predictable, call (866) 955-2677.