Places of Worship

Identifying Savings for Places of Worship

Good Energy works with churches and other places of worship to create affinity programs that help identify energy savings that benefit your local community.

By aggregating businesses involved in local charities and ingrained in their religious community, we can quickly and effectively create strength in numbers. Small businesses can benefit by coming together, pooling their energy consumption to create a large aggregation that commands more attractive energy prices for local establishments. Instead of standing alone, economies of scale are created when neighboring businesses time their energy purchases concurrently, resulting in a more formidable opportunity to wholesale energy suppliers.

With prices at four year lows, it is a perfect time to bring this concept to your religious leaders and create an energy program that can provide savings for your community. Good Energy professionals can aid in the development and implementation of these programs, adding tremendous value to the religious establishment’s service and reach throughout its community. Call us to find out more.