Mission Statement

Our Mission

Good Energy is a national residential, commercial, and industrial energy procurement consultant and broker, and the number one designer and operator of community energy aggregations in the United States.

Community energy aggregation and smart commercial and industrial energy procurement lead to tremendous cost savings to energy users.

These savings amount to many millions of dollars remaining in local communities and on the balance sheets of the enterprises we serve.

Done well, community energy aggregation and smart buying strategies for commercial and industrial energy users, coupled with aggressive negotiation with energy suppliers, yield massive economic benefit to our customers.

Good Energy is in business to provide these benefits to our customers, while earning a fair profit in the process. Our fee is typically a very small portion of the economic benefit we achieve, resulting in a partnership that is a true win-win for each of our customers and for our business.

Good Energy fosters a healthy and happy work environment for our employees, and as a result effectively retains talented energy professionals long term. This ensures continuity in our business processes, benefitting the well-being of the company, and helping to build lasting positive relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

Please contact us today to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you achieve a smarter way to buy energy.