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Trim Costs with a New Energy Plan

From individual boutique hotels to a national chain spread across the country, Good Energy and its team of consultants understand the complexities of energy procurement for the hospitality industry. A leader in hospitality energy procurement, Good Energy has extensive knowledge that offers clients a tailored, focused approach to implementing energy plans for hotel properties.

As one of the most energy- and resource-intensive areas of the tourism industry, hotels typically see 5 to 10 percent of their overall operating budget go to energy. By controlling energy costs, hotel managers and property owners can save a significant amount of money. For many hospitality properties, energy costs are second only to labor expenditures. In addition to saving money, Good Energy can help hospitality properties purchase energy from more environmentally friendly sources — and sustainable practices may help a hotel attract more guests.

Chances are your hotel can save money with a new energy procurement plan. For your no-obligation Good Energy assessment, call us at (866) 955-2677.

Free Energy Evaluation

Good Energy offers a no-obligation energy evaluation.