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Save Taxpayers’ Energy Dollars

Negotiating energy needs for government agencies and municipalities has become one of the largest segments of Good Energy’s operations. For about a decade, Good Energy has worked diligently on behalf of governments and localities to manage energy budgets. With sensitivity and a keen understanding of how government procurement processes work, Good Energy has drawn accolades for generating consensus within local governments and managing contract negotiations.

An example of Good Energy’s expertise in public-sector energy consulting is its long-term management of New Jersey’s second-largest public-energy procurement cooperative, comprising primarily schools and boards of education. This program was originally centered on electricity procurement but has grown to include natural gas and what many believe to be the first aggregated demand-response program in the country. The cooperative works with roughly 100 entities in nearly every one of New Jersey’s 21 counties.

Working with local governments has laid the foundation for expanding into community energy aggregation. Now the national leader in structuring and implementing community and government aggregation programs, Good Energy serves more communities and residents than any other energy consultant. With more than 200 Community Energy Aggregation programs representing more than one million households, Good Energy manages energy procurement for 1 percent of the U.S. population.

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