How Demand Response Can Save You Money

How would you like the electric company to pay you? It can, through demand response.

Savvy building owners and property managers have come to rely on demand response. Through such a program, energy users receive payments to remove a portion of their energy consumption from the grid when asked.

Demand response also helps prevent blackouts and ensures that power is still available during peak hours and after emergencies such as storms.

Reducing the load from the grid can be done through turning on an emergency generator or turning off lights and equipment. Those participating in such a program may need to switch electric load during peak demand, unscheduled maintenance, or after the loss of power after storm damage.

The grid operator contacts an energy curtailment specialist, such as Good Energy, which works with companies to convey details about energy curtailments.

After reducing demand from the grid, businesses can receive payments. Grid operators set aside a portion of the fees collected from all energy users for making such demand response payments. And although payments vary by region and season, payments can sometimes be substantial.

“There are many ways to participate in a demand response program,” says Javier Barrios, Managing Partner for New York-based energy consultant Good Energy. “Details vary by region, but a Good Energy representative can help you learn more about programs available near you.”

For more information, visit Good Energy or call 866-955-2677.

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