Important Message from Good Energy Re. Covid-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis many state and local governments in the areas we serve have declared a state of emergency. These unfortunate events have led local and state regulators to invoke necessary actions to keep citizens safe during this unprecedented time. Some consumers of energy, including natural gas and electricity, may find it even more difficult to navigate the procurement process and mitigate risks associated with current energy supply agreements.

What is Good Energy doing to assist customers through this difficult period?

First, let’s remind folks what Good Energy does day-in and day-out. Good Energy is a leading energy consultant that assists local governments, commercial and industrial customers in procuring energy for their facilities. We evaluate customers’ specific organizational needs and concerns along with supplier options and product structures available in the marketplace today. We combine these considerations with current market conditions to develop a strategy that maximizes short and long-term buying opportunities while managing the risks associated with the energy markets and third- party supplier agreements.

Good Energy negotiates on behalf of its customers to obtain preferred terms and conditions from its approved energy suppliers. Good Energy stands by its customers and walks them through hidden risks that may present themselves during a contract term. The recent pandemic means many private sector businesses and most government organizations may face an economic downturn or complete shutdown. There are many risks in energy agreements that can be mitigated with the proper strategy. Good Energy can mitigate risks if customers are faced with any of the following natural gas or electricity supply scenarios:

Temporary Slowdown or Shutdown

Swing or Bandwidth – Customers with 10% or 25% bandwidth provisions are subject to increased costs from their supplier immediately
Material Adverse Change – Customers with a 25% MAC provision may be subject to substantially increased costs

Complete Shutdown – Customers that shut down a facility indefinitely may be subject to early termination penalties. Good Energy will negotiate on your behalf to reduce or remove these penalties completely.

Late Fees – Customers facing challenges in making payments on time can seek relief from late payments.

Changes in Credit – Customers facing credit challenges could be subject to new credit requirements.

Is your current contract expiring? Don’t let your supplier put you on a high post-term rate!

Good Energy is reaching out to all of its customers to offer support through these uncertain times. We are here to help our existing customers navigate the risks associated with their operational changes. We are also welcoming new customers to contact Good Energy for free advice about existing supply agreements. Despite the turmoil in our day-to-day lives, the energy markets are at an all-time low, presenting a fantastic buying opportunity as well.

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