For New York Municipalities, Zero-Emission Vehicles Are Easier to Buy

New York State is making it easier for municipalities to purchase zero-emission vehicles.

Through a New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Office of General Services program, municipalities and state agencies can participate in aggregate bidding for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles (PHEV). This initiative seeks to reduce costs of municipal transportation fleets statewide.

These vehicles are eligible to be purchased by any agency that may buy through the New York State Vehicle Marketplace. Such organizations include local governments, school districts, public higher education institutions, fire districts, libraries, and some nonprofit organizations. In previous PHEV purchases, participating organizations have saved 11 to 34 percent on the cost of vehicles.

Bids will be solicited for four vehicle types: small, battery-electric vehicles; small, plug- in hybrid sedans; plug-in hybrid minivans; and small, plug-in hybrid SUVs.

Driving a PHEV in Upstate New York on electricity would be like driving a 135-mpg gasoline car. Also, PHEVs provide lower fuel costs and protect municipal government budgets from fluctuations in gas prices.

Bid forms are due by Monday, July 16. In addition, municipalities can save on vehicle purchases through the DEC Municipal ZEV Rebate program, which provides rebates to governments for costs associated with the purchase or lease of eligible clean-energy vehicles.

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