U.S. Mayors Unite for Clean Energy Solutions

Determined to protect the environment and find smart, affordable energy alternatives, mayors from across the country are uniting in an pioneering, grassroots initiative called Mayors for 100% Clean Energy.

During the past year, American 25 cities have committed to transition to 100 percent clean energy as part of the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 program. This past April, the environmental organization announced expanded the program to include the initiativeMayors for 100% Clean Energy, which urges mayors across the country to commit to clean energy.

“Mayors know first-hand the harmful effects that pollution, the high cost of energy, and climate change have on people and families in their cities,” says Jodie Van Horn is the director of Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Campaign. “From increased rates of asthma to missed days of school and work, mayors see how dirty fuels like coal and gas harm our health and put entire communities at risk.”

Some city governments are already on the cutting edge of such clean energy innovation. For example, Georgetown, Texas, is one of the first cities to run entirely on renewable energy, using wind and solar power to provide affordable energy while avoiding environmental harm and fluctuating prices of fossil fuels.

Some of the other cities include Salt Lake City, San Diego, Columbia, South Carolina, and Miami Beach, Florida. And along with protecting the environment, these communities are saving taxpayers’ money, which has been reinvested back into the communities.

Throughout the country, Good Energy has helped similar communities opt for more environmentally friendly energy alternatives. With community energy aggregation programs and managing cities’ energy contract negotiations, Good Energy has helped more than 200 communities save money.

“With Good Energy, local governments can gain more control over their energy procurement, lower costs, and protect the environment,” says Good Energy Managing Partner Javier Barrios. “We’ve already helped hundreds of communities, and as communities look to participate in the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy program, we’re ready to be a valuable resource to find renewable energy options.”

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