Partnering with Good Energy, Stalworth Saves Money & Energy While Expanding Business

CASE STUDY: For 70 years, the Stalworth Corporation and Culpepper Realty, along with their affiliated companies, have remained committed to conservative, professional development and management of Texas real estate. The Culpepper companies represent a legacy of family pride and community redevelopment. Working with national retailers and many small business owners throughout Texas, the company serves commercial, mix-use, and residential properties, along with managing shopping centers, office buildings, and residential houses.Since 2003, Stalworth has partnered with Good Energy, the national leader in energy-saving initiatives, which structures and implements community energy aggregation programs. These community-centric energy-buying and superior energy demand-reduction solutions have been proven to save energy costs for commercial customers.

After interviewing several consultants, Stalworth selected Good Energy because of their years of experience, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to helping commercial customers save money.

Challenge – Find Affordable Ways to Save on Energy Costs

Throughout Texas, Stalworth manages over 1 million square feet of commercial real estate across 13 properties, including 110 commercial tenants such as Bealls, GNC, Hobby Lobby, Office Max, Rue21, and Staples.

“When looking for an energy consultant, we needed to work with a company that first and foremost had the best knowledge of commercial and industrial business,” says Adrian D. Martinez, Vice President of Stalworth Real Estate Services. “Good Energy understands how commercial business works. To secure the greatest energy savings possible, we needed agility and flexibility for our tenants when they open for business or close. We need a company to negotiate on our behalf with suppliers, keeping everyone whole.”

Since partnering with Good Energy, Stalworth has enjoyed an annual energy cost savings between 20 to 25 percent. The first money-saving suggestion offered by Good Energy: Convert all roofs on the properties to Dura-Last high-quality PVC roofing material. These flame-resistant roofs are cost-effective to install, and their reflective properties help cut down utility costs by reflecting nearly 88 percent of sun’s rays, keeping the buildings cooler during the hot, Texas summer months.

Benefits – Energy Savings Passed on to Customers

Working with Good Energy’s efficiency consultants, Stalworth converted all their parking lots and two of their malls to LED lighting. Good Energy was also able to negotiate the best electricity rates, benefiting Stalworth’s Texas properties where deregulation is available. Good Energy’s strategies translated into $50,000 annual savings on electricity bills.

Another money-saving idea: Stalworth works diligently with tenants during summer months to set computer controls at 67 degrees early in the morning to pay off later in the afternoon when heat can rise above 98 degrees.

“Good Energy helped us find tremendous savings on commercial leases,” Martinez says. “These are properties where the larger tenants are required to pay advance fees for common areas and maintenance as part of the lease. Previously, because of the high cost of energy and maintenance fees, tenants requested a cap on these expenses. Now, with Good Energy, there’s no demand for a cap, and we offer tenants the savings we gain from lower electricity rates. Our tenants pay less as part of their annual lease. The more we save, the less they pay. At the end of the year, we reconcile and adjust the pay as needed.”

The savings gained – and lower fees – helped Stalworth attract new tenants who appreciate the energy savings and adjustments. That tenant benefit contributed to Stalworth growing their business year over year. Stalworth proudly shares expense reports with their tenants, so that they can see the savings earned through energy- efficiency measures. And as new tenants sign on to commercial properties, Stalworth introduces them to the impressive portfolio of Good Energy services that help keep electricity costs down and savings high.

“We bring Good Energy to all our tenants for great service and savings, and we will continue to work with Good Energy as long as they bring us rates that are compatible,” Martinez says. “The folks at Good Energy treat us well, and help us save on each contract by achieving the best electricity rates obtainable in the state of Texas. I highly recommend any commercial and industrial company to give them a chance. I have the highest respect for what they do!”

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