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Innovative Battery Solutions May Jumpstart Renewable Energy Growth

One of the biggest challenges facing the ongoing development of renewable energy is how to store and transfer power when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. Recent innovations in battery technology may help. For example, New York City may soon allow rooftop installation of batteries for renewable energy storage. To meet New…

New York State Makes Advances for Community Solar

Solar power is becoming more and more attainable for New York State residents thanks to new community solar programs.  The best news for New York many residents: You don’t need solar panels for renewable energy. A community solar program can be tailored to an individual community. Through these new, innovative community solar programs, New York…

Massachusetts, Illinois, New York Stepping Up Renewable Energy Programs

States governments across the nation are enacting measures to promote renewable energy and decrease reliance on fossil fuels. Some of the states making the biggest strides include Massachusetts, Illinois and New York. Here are summaries of some recent renewable energy programs in each state:  Massachusetts  Massachusetts communities use an innovative, new program to drive demand…

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