Arizona State

Arizona Electricity Deregulation

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Deregulation Milestones in Arizona:

  • July/00: SRP approved a measure that, when final, will allow all customers retail choice sometime after May 31, 2000, seven months earlier than the restructuring legislation required.
  • Jan/00: APS and TEP have opened 20% of their retail load to competition, APS in October 1999 and TEP in January 2000. Salt River Project began phasing-in retail access in December 1998. All customers in the State will have retail access by January 2001.
  • Nov/99: The ACC approved Tucson Electric Power’s restructuring settlement. TEP will open 20% of its load to retail competition by January 2000.
  • Sep/99: APS will open 20% of its territory to competition on October 1, 1999, and all of it by January 2001.
  • July/99: The first customers to take advantage of retail choice began receiving power from APS Energy Services in July. The two industrial customers are in the Salt River Project’s service territory. SRP opened 20% of its territory to retail competition in Dec. 1998, and will open the rest by Dec. 2000.
  • 1/99: The Salt River Project opened about 20% of their market to retail competition in December 1998.