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To learn more about our no-obligation energy evaluation for your business, call us at (866) 955-2677 extension 1. Please have at least 12 months of past energy bills available when you call. 

You can also fill out the form to the left for a free, no-cost evaluation: 

Information Revealed

  • A no-obligation Good Energy evaluation provides you with: Total kilowatt-hours, therms or gallons consumed by each energy account.
  • Historical costs for each account.
  • A summary of your current "Market Supply" rate, (price to beat), if applicable.
  • Possibility for energy cost savings resulting from changes you make at your facility such as peak demand shaving, lighting system retrofits, etc.
  • If energy supply cost savings are available in your market, you will also get price quotes from competitive providers of energy.


When you choose a Good Energy energy cost savings solution we can provide you with the following support:

  • Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly Tracking Analysis: Good Energy can provide you with a tracking report of your energy usage and cost to allow you to compare current usage and cost with the same period of the previous year.
  • Lighting Retrofit Analysis: We give you a general analysis on how to optimize your lighting costs by simply replacing inefficient bulbs and ballasts. Detailed customer analysis and consulting services are also available.
  • Other Services: Good Energy offers many other services including utility rebate administration, Federal Energy Tax Credit administration, renewable energy credit brokerage to earn customers the EPA Green Power Partner status, and more.
  1. Good Energy offers a no-obligation energy evaluation. Begin finding savings today by filling out the form below or click here to learn more.

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