Good Energy Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Programs Save Communities Millions

What is Good Energy’s Role in Guiding Your Municipal Energy Electricity Strategy?

Good Energy provides the right compass to navigate your Municipal electricity procurement strategy to manage increasing costs as a Municipality and for your residents!

We guide Municipal Leaders on how to become a Clean Energy Community, achieve your renewable objectives and reduce energy costs in a volatile environment.

We are the industry leaders in Energy Consulting and Government Energy Program Administration.

  • Municipal Procurement
  • Natural Gas and Electricity CCA Programs
  • Community Solar Revenue/utility bill reductions
  • Developing and Supporting Clean Energy Communities backed by NYSERDA and the DPS of NY State
  • Low to Moderate Income (LMI) Specific Offerings

We have CCA’s for both Natural Gas and Electricity with various Municipalities generating significant cost savings and reducing Green House Gas Emissions.

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