Residents plug into Savings

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Residents plug into Savings
CENTRAL/SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (December 11, 2012) More than 230,000 households in 18 central and southern Illinois counties can expect to see their electric bills drop by 25 percent or more, beginning in spring of 2013.

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For communities that passed the Electric Supply Proposition, what are the 6 things they can expect?

Now that your community has passed and accepted Municipal Aggregation, when can you expect your electric rates to drop? Here is a list of the six things that will be happening.

Your community will hold, or will have already held, two public hearings to approve the Operation of Plan and Governance, which details the way the program will operate. If you have any questions or wish to discuss with your municipal officials, we recommend you attend these hearings.

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Granite City may choose renewable energy even if slightly costlier

At the November 20th Granite City Council meeting, Good Energy's Philip Carr explained that now that Granite City approved Municipal Aggregation, they will be receiving the best price for electricity in the market. Further, for just a tiny percent more, the community could choose 100% renewable energy from sources such as wind turbines.

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Jerseyville, IL passed the Electric Supply Proposition. Good Energy explains what happens next

At the November 27th Jerseyville public hearing, Good Energy explained what the next steps will be now that Municipal Aggregation has been approved. Bidding will occur December 11th for all the municipalities Good Energy represents that passed the proposition. Good Energy also warned residents that there are clever marketers that are now trying to take advantage of people's confusion of the subject. These marketers misrepresent themselves as being part of the program and are in actuality, a scam. Residents do not have to do anything if they wish to be part of the program, and they will not receive a phone call stating they have to.

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For Urbana residents, the savings are greater than $500,000!

10,000 to 12,000 households and small business customers who have been a part of the Municipal Aggregation plan have saved an average $15.14 each month. Over the first three months of the plan this equates to over $500,000 in savings for the community. This is because their electric supply rates dropped from 6.16 cents per kilowatt hour to 4.05 cents.

Good Energy is pleased to have so successfully helped!

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The Wall Street Journal tells of many cities across the country benefiting from Municipal Aggregation

On page 3 of the Monday, November 12th edition of The Wall Street Journal it tells us how many cities are passing ballot measures that will allow their respective local governments to purchase their power in bulk, thus becoming part of a municipal aggregation. Community Aggregation, as the Wall Street Journal terms it, is saving residents up to 30% on their energy bills and often allows residents to purchase renewable, cleaner energy at much cheaper rates. The article goes on to state that utility companies are in favor of local electricity-buying efforts as deregulation laws do not affect distribution of electricity, only who the supplier of the electricity is. Click the link below to read more.

Source: Cities Take On Utility Role [Wall Street Journal]

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Effingham County officials discuss energy aggregation once more before election day

At a luncheon last Friday in Effingham County, Ill., a consultant from Good Energy talked about getting people out to vote for the energy aggregation referendum Tuesday and about how the referendum, if passed, would affect voters. If energy aggregation passes, residences will receive two letters giving them two separate opportunities to opt-out of the aggregation program. If they choose to stay in the program, residents don't have to do anything, and they can look forward to seeing savings of up to 20% on their monthly energy supply rates by February 2013.

Source: Electric Aggregation Proposal Subject of First Friday Luncheon []

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Pantagraph endorses energy aggregation referendum

Energy aggregation got a resounding vote of confidence from the Pantagraph editorial board Thursday, which published an editorial touting the referendum's price-savings and dismissing opponents who believe that the referendum would mean an expansion of government. Government, however, is simply allowing voters to say whether or not they would like the chance to bargain for cheaper energy. If the referendum passes, government will not be negotiating the new contracts, an energy consulting company called Good Energy will be. That company will, in turn, be paid by the new energy supply company. Government's role was simply to allow the referendum on the ballot.

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Vote "yes" on energy aggregation referendum, Belleville News-Democrat says

The Belleville News-Democrat has changed their tune on energy aggregation. The key difference? The involvement of Good Energy, an independent energy consulting company. When the newspaper spoke out against energy aggregation previously, they did so because the consulting company helping to negotiate and ensure a lower supply rate was also the company supplying the energy. The paper cited "competing interests," and appropriately so. But things have changed between then and now. On Friday, the News-Democrat put its faith in Good Energy, which, the editorial says, has made every effort to inform voters about the ins and outs of energy aggregation.

Source: A bright idea for electricity [Belleville News-Democrat]

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