Good Energy becomes the only energy consultant in New York State approved to design, manage and operate Community Choice Aggregation programs which can help residents and businesses save money on energy bills.

New York, NY — On January 18, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the Good Energy implementation plan for statewide Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). With the PSC authorization, Good Energy becomes the only energy consultant in New York State approved to design, manage and operate CCA programs in the state.

This flexible, innovative program enables local governments to purchase energy in bulk on their residents’ behalf. As a leading national energy consultant, Good Energy has created similar plans for other communities throughout the nation, saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs.

In 2015, New York’s PSC authorized the creation of CCAs as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision program. New York is the seventh state in the nation to allow CCAs, and as a lead advisor for the state’s pilot program in Westchester County, Good Energy has pioneered the development of such programs in the state.

“Now that the PSC has approved the Good Energy implementation plan, other municipalities throughout New York State can join,” says Javier Barrios, Good Energy Managing Partner. “This implementation plan not only helps the communities we’re currently working with, but other municipalities that want to help their residents save money on energy bills as well.”

The five initial municipalities participating in the Good Energy CCA include the Village of Coxsackie and the towns of Cairo and New Baltimore in Greene County, and the villages of Fayetteville and Minoa in Onondaga County. The program could become operational as early as the second quarter of 2018.

“Residential and small business customers can reduce their energy bills, take advantage of renewable energy choices and enjoy other money saving services thanks to the bulk-purchasing leverage of these community-based associations,” PSC Chairman John Rhodes says.

To join or establish a CCA, communities must pass laws permitting them, with the proviso that residents and small businesses can choose to remain with the existing utility. Good Energy assists communities in the selection of an energy service company for their CCAs.

In addition to the possibility of lower energy prices through bulk purchasing, Good Energy provides these communities with renewable energy options including energy storage, distributed generation and renewable energy certificates.

“This is a new and exciting program, and Good Energy is extremely proud to work with New York communities to save on energy bills,” Barrios says. “For the first time, New York residents can come together in large energy-buying groups and save money through a CCA. This program will provide tremendous value.”

Once municipalities sign an agreement with the winning energy service company, residents are automatically enrolled. Residents will receive a letter telling them how to opt out should they choose. Small businesses can also participate and may see significant energy supply cost savings.

“I'm happy to see that CCAs are starting to thrive in New York,” PSC Commissioner Gregg Sayre says. “They provide increased choice and customer savings.”

For more information about how your community can take advantage of CCA programs, please visit or call 518.514.2798.


About Good Energy 

Good Energy is the number one designer and operator of community choice aggregation programs in the nation, consulting and managing energy programs for more than 700 municipalities with over three million customers in 21 states. Based in New York City, Good Energy pioneered community-centric buying and serves about one percent of the U.S. energy market—more than any other single energy consultant nationwide. Through the latest efficiency applications and extensive energy market experience, Good Energy has saved residential, commercial and industrial customers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Learn more about Good Energy at and follow us on Twitter @GoodEnergyUS

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About Good Energy
Good Energy launched a business to bring a simple concept to the marketplace... savings via lower electricity costs and superior efficiency lighting solutions. A smarter way to buy power and to use power. With ever changing technologies and product offerings Good Energy has provided new efficiency applications to the market and has pioneered a community centric buying approach that has achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to the residential and commercial segment.

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