New York Electricity Deregulation

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New York Electricity Consumers

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NYSERDA offers the Commercial/Industrial Performance Program, which pays the following fixed-price incentive rates based on measured savings over a two-year period: 10.5 cents per kWh for lighting efficiency.

Effective September 17, 2001, screw-base Compact Fluorescent Lamps to replace standard incandescent lamps are eligible for incentives through the C/I Performance Program. The CFL must meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® program requirements. If the screw-base CFL will be installed without a locking device, the measurement and verification plan must include an acceptable restocking/replacement plan.

Good Energy offers commercial facilities the right solution to qualify for savings and utility incentives. Call us for more information. Toll free 866-955-2677.

  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric
Phase I - September 1, 1998 includes 8% of load by 12/31/98.
Phase II - January 1, 1999 includes 8% additional load by 12/31/99.
Phase III - January 1, 2000 includes 8% additional load each year.
Full Retail Access - July 1, 2001.
  • Consolidated Edison
Phase I - June 1, 1998 includes 1042 MW (116 MW small loads and 926MW large loads).
Phase II - April 1, 1999 includes an additional 1000 MW from all customer classes.
Phase II was reopened in August to fill the program to its targeted enrollment of 2,000 MW.
Phase III - April 1, 2000 includes an additional 1000 MW each year from all customer classes.
Full Retail Access - December 31, 2001 or 18 months after ISO fully operational, whichever is sooner.
  • Long Island Power Authority
Aug/99: Numerous large business customers in LIPA's Choice Program began receiving power in August from an alternative supplier, ConEdison Solutions. ConEd Solutions is supplying about 20 MW of power to over 100 facilities on Long Island.
  • New York State Electric & Gas
Phase I - August 1, 1998 includes all customers in Norwich and Lockport Division and all small industrial customers throughout service territory. Full Retail Access - August 1, 1999.
  • Niagara Mohawk Power
Phase I - September 1, 1998 includes transmission level customers >60KV
Phase II - September 1, 1998 includes all remaining customers with peak demands >2MW.
Phase III - May 1, 1999 includes all remaining transmission and subtransmission customers >22KV.
Phase IV - April 2, 1999 includes all residential customers.
Phase V - August 1, 1999 includes all remaining non-residential customers.
Full Retail Access - August 1, 1999.
  • Orange and Rockland Utilities
Phase I - May 1, 1998 includes expanding the pilot program, PowerPick, to all customers (energy only).
Full Retail Access - May 1, 1999 includes energy and capacity.
  • Rochester Gas & Electric
Phase I - July 1, 1998 includes all customer classes, energy only, limited to 670 GWH annual energy total.
Phase II July 1, 1999 includes all classes, energy and capacity, limited to 1,300 GWH annual energy total.
7/99: RG&E is making an additional 10% of their system available to competitors.
Phase III - July 1, 2000 includes all classes, energy and capacity, limited to 2,000 GWH annual energy total.
Full Retail Access - July 1, 2001 includes all customers, energy and capacity.