Invoice Reporting

Whether you are beginning an energy efficiency project, uncovering billing problems, or simply looking for additional cost reductions, conducting a Utility Bill Audit is one of the smartest ways to address all these concerns. The Utility Bill Audit often uncovers billing issues that yield immediate savings and identifies the customer energy accounts with, sometimes egregious, billing errors that would continue hurting your organization if left unturned. By engaging Good Energy to conduct a bill audit for whatever the reason, you will identify where cost reduction opportunities exist and how to deliver savings to your organization quickly and effectively.  

Additionally, Good Energy is partnered with industry experts to work on varying types of energy projects to provide a high quality payback assessment. Good Energy can thoroughly explore the economic benefits of combined heat & power (CHP) systems, small scale wind, distributed generation, and even solar PV installs. Good Energy uses its team of experts to decipher tax incentives, state incentive programs, utility rebates, net metering tariffs, REC market pricing trends, and retail energy costs to expertly evaluate financial outcomes for each project. For end-users weighing a power purchase agreement (PPA) vs. ownership, Good Energy can provide a full scale analysis to help clients make an informed decision. With regional offices throughout the country, Good Energy works with an array of firms needing detailed wholesale or retail tariff information for specific regions. Whether its parsing a complicated rate case or analyzing certain types of rates across multiple utilities, Good Energy can deliver a cost effective solution that frees up your employees to focus on other important aspects of your business. By using Good Energy, your firm can receive the necessary expertise while alleviating the use of staff time and associated in-house costs.