Curtailment Services

Removing energy consumption or curtailing load from the grid can be achieved by activating a backup generator or by dimming and turning off lights or switching off energy-consuming equipment. These actions are taken when circumstances on the energy delivery grid dictate. These include during times of peak demand, upon sudden loss of a generator due to unscheduled maintenance, or the loss of a power line due to storm damage. The grid operator will contact an “energy curtailment specialist” such as Good Energy, and convey instructions regarding commencement time and duration of the required curtailment event. The energy curtailment specialist will then contact the customers ready to curtail and pass these instructions on to the facility managers who are able to ensure that the curtailments actually occur.

Often, these curtailment programs pay customers for load shedding during high peak demand days or weather related emergencies. In fact, curtailment customers will be paid by the local ISO or grid operator on a monthly basis for simply standing by.