In Norway, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are booming. This past March, EVs accounted for 58 percent of all new car sales. Tesla’s Model 3, alone, comprised 30 percent of those sales, according to the Norwegian Information Council for Road Traffic.

In 2018, EV car sales rose to a record 31.2 percent market share from 20.8 percent in 2017. This percent of EV sales outpaces any other nation. Norwegian buyers often had to wait for auto dealerships to keep up with demand.

Here are four reasons Norway leads the world in EV use:

  • Green-powered energy grid. Norway generates almost all of the country’s electricity via a network of hydroelectric power plants, which are cleaner than coal or natural gas. Going green is built into the national psyche.
  • National goal to go only EV. Norway has a national goal of being the first the country in the world to end fossil-fueled vehicles sales within its borders by 2025.
  • Incentives save EV drivers lots of money. From purchase to parking, Norwegian EV car owners receive several financial benefits. EVs are exempt from sales, import and road taxes. These taxes could be close to $10,000.
  • Adheres to a “polluters pay” principle. Since 1990, Norway has not imposed purchase or import taxes on EVs. In addition, EV drivers also only have to pay half the current rate for tolls and parking while drivers of fossil fuel-powered cars must pay full price.

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