Some homes on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, will become a lot smarter – and energy efficient – as part of a project with the EnSync Home Energy System Systems.

Koa’e Workforce Housing is implementing an energy-efficiency and smart home initiative throughout a community of 23 buildings. Each household will include a smart home energy system that includes 516KW rooftop solar system, 603KW of energy storage, smart home energy communications, and a control platform. Each household will be linked with others on the property, but individual residents can manage energy consumption and generation independently.

The EnSync system will use peer-to-peer energy exchange and smart water heaters to optimize energy efficiency. The system enables management of time-of-day absences, unit-level micro-loading and vacancy rates.

The Koa’e Workforce Housing project is the initial installation of EnSync Energy’s load control capability and the second deployment of the company’s peer-to-peer energy exchange.

“The EnSync Smart Home system enables both energy independence and cost savings by integrating utility rate information and electricity supply from PV, energy storage and the grid with electricity demand data from major appliances in the home,” says Brad Hansen, CEO of EnSync Energy. “By integrating water heater load into the system, we can intelligently manage heating of the water to occur at lower-use times of day, such as before anyone in the home wakes up or during peak PV generation, when the home is producing excess electricity, to have the water ready for the evening.”

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