Good Energy has been and is currently offering Government Energy Aggregation consulting services to residents of New Jersey. This migration toNew Jersey means the effective, tested method perfected in Illinois will now be available to a new set of residents.

Currently, New Jersey residents have the ability to select their power supply company, and there are dozens of third-party suppliers sending mail and calling residents, soliciting them to switch. For residents, it can be overwhelming receiving the constant barrage of offers, and it can be difficult to determine what is and is not a good offer.

There is, however, another option: Government Energy Aggregation.Government Energy Aggregation is the process of residents banding together to receive the lowest contract rates and the most favorable terms with no early termination fees on electricity. By aggregating, residents can negotiate with these third-party suppliers as a whole, commanding better rates. And for residents who prefer not to participate, there is an opt-out provision in every aggregation. Through Government Energy Aggregation, residents are only switching the supplier. Local utilities continue to deliver the electricity, and residents continue to receive only one bill and make only one payment.

Government Energy Aggregation is a proven and effective method for cutting energy costs. According to Good Energy Business Development Director Philip Carr, "in states with similar laws, like Ohio and Illinois, Government Energy Aggregation has grown exponentially. In Illinois alone, back in March 2012 only 5% of residential accounts had migrated to a third party supplier. Today, more than half of all households in the state have switched; most of them choosing to be part of a Government Energy Aggregation program and saving residents literally hundreds of millions of dollars."

After deciding to aggregate, local governments still need to decide who to hire as a consulting firm. Of Good Energy, Carr says, "Good Energy is a National energy consultant. We specialize in the New Jersey public sector and have purchasing power for 92 government entities and 17 New Jersey counties. In Illinois, Good Energy pioneered energy aggregation, helping 151 communities and nearly 600,000 households save millions of dollars on their electric bill. We are now bringing that experience back home to you, providing a turnkey service with no upfront cost to local governments."

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