On August 10, 2013 Good Energy lost a very dear and valuable Texas team member. Keith Pelham, who had been a part of our organization since 2003,passed away from a sudden stroke he suffered at a family reunion the previous Sunday.

Scott Heath, managing partner of Good Energy and close friend of Keith, was asked to speak at Keith's memorial service. As a tribute to Keith and all of his great contributions to our organization, we print those words here.

Keith, our hearts and thoughts go out to all your friends and family. We all will miss you dearly.

Introduction: My name is Scott Heath and I met Keith at Reliant Energy back in 2001 when electricity choice was just getting started in Texas.

Keith owned a Pizza Business prior to joining Reliant, and I remember wondering if Keith had what it took to make it in the energy marketing business.

At the time electricity choice was brand new and sales people weren't exactly bending over backwards to help each other out, so the pressure was definitely on to perform.

Keith was hard working, dependable, determined and trustworthy, but, looking back, Keith had something that set him apart from almost every other sales rep in the company.

Customers liked Keith because he knew how business owners thought. After all, he had been one so he understood what was important to them.

I liked Keith right away because he was funny, but I respected Keith because he was good!

Keith and I both did very well at Reliant Energy and we both learned a lot, but, eventually, I decided I wanted to get into the consulting industry.

In late 2002 I took a position with a consulting firm named Good Energy, out of New York, and became their first hire in Texas.

I spent about six months trying to convince the owners that I was worth keeping and to my delight I eventually was given the green light to hire someone to help me grow sales.

Keith was the first person I thought of. I hired Keith in early 2003 and we set out to build a book of business together.

In the months and years that followed, Keith and I would spend countless hours, days and nights around each other, prospecting, going on customer appointments, traveling to association meetings, attending supplier events, hiring employees, firing employees and, of course, opening and closing offices.

We shared a friendship and mutual respect for each other that I'll always cherish, so, today, I'd like to honor Keith by sharing a few of the life lessons I learned from Keith, over the past 12 years.

#1 Keith taught me to Be True to Your Self

What you saw is what you got with Keith. Keith knew who he was and he knew where he came from... and he wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind.

Keith didn't have a filter...

STORY: I'll never forget when I called on Keith to help me present to Verizon. Keith asked two Verizon representatives if their fiber optics product was really alien technology. They didn't laugh... and we didn't win the opportunity to represent them, but Keith's bold and funny question had us laughing for months after the meeting.

Keith was definitely true to himself and I loved that about him.

I think the world would be a better place if more people had the courage to be authentic like Keith.

#2 Keith taught me to Live in the Moment

Keith always had a way of making you feel like it was OK if you didn't take life too seriously.

STORY: One trip Keith and I made to NY resulted in us sharing a hotel room. Keith got the small bedroom and I got the sleeper couch. In the morning, I awoke and snuck through the bedroom Keith was staying in to get ready for the trade show we had to work that day. I kept the lights low so as not to wake Keith as he worked the second shift of the show while I had the first shift. To my surprise, Keith arrived for his shift walking funny with extremely tight pants on and he walked up to me and whispered, "Have you seen my pants?" I immediately realized that I had mistakenly put on Keith's pants that morning and Keith was forced to work the rest of the day in my slimming grey slacks. He never complained.

Keith made you feel like it was OK to laugh, and I'm going to do my very best to carry on that crazy behavior.

#3 Keith taught me to Always Give More Than You Take

I'd like to think that what matters most at the end of our life is what you leave behind.

That something was different because you were here.

Keith definitely made his mark on our company, the energy industry, his customers and the lives of many.

Keith's many contributions helped make Good Energy great and I know I speak for more than myself when I say...

Thank you for the invaluable life lessons.

Thank you for all the great memories.

And... thank you for being a dear friend.

Rest In Peace Keith Pelham!
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