The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) is the premier organization representing aggregators, brokers and consultants ("ABC") in the Southwest.

TEPA promotes ethical and responsible behavior in the energy marketplace and its ABC members adhere to TEPA's established code of conduct of fair competitive practices.

The organization believes that energy customers that retain a TEPA member can feel confident they are dealing with a trustworthy and professional energy firm.

The TEPA organization also provides ongoing education and energy certification for professionals in the industry as well as legislative and regulatory representation for its members.

TEPA, formerly the Texas Energy Professionals Association, is taking a strong interest and focus in forming a Northeast chapter, largely with the help of Good Energy, an energy consulting firm based out of New York.

Good Energy was one of the founding members of TEPA in Texas and several executives have served on numerous board seats and committee chair positions, namely, Vice President, New Membership Committee Chair and Events Committee Chair. Scott Heath, Managing Partner of Good Energy, currently serves as At-Large Board member.

Good Energy recently hosted a roundtable discussion at its offices in New York City with key board members of TEPA and energy professionals in the Northeast to discuss the benefits of opening a chapter in the region.

Being that there is no representation of the ABC community in the Northeast the discussions concluded that a Northeast organization would be needed and essential to the growth of the competitive energy industry and the ABC market segment.

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