Laurie Bergner, VP of Programs for the League of Women Voters, strongly supports electric aggregation as a powerful way for voters to save money. On April 9, voters in Bloomington and all across central and southern Illinois will be given an opportunity to join their neighbors in aggregating.

Voters in most of McLean County have already taken advantage of the huge savings opportunity that is electric aggregation. Aggregation works by pooling together the energy needs of an entire municipality and purchasing the electricity in bulk. This allows the municipality to negotiate a better rate on electricity than the standard Ameren Illinois rates. Should the standard Ameren rates ever drop below the new contract rate, then residents of the municipality will automatically be dropped from the aggregation and get the lower Ameren rates. It is a no lose situation, in which residents are able to save money. And for any residents who do not wish to aggregate, there are 2 opportunities to opt out of the aggregation program.

Many local municipalities have opted to use Good Energy, an electric aggregation consulting firm, to help them through the aggregation process. Good Energy helps to make the public aware of what aggregation is and how it can benefit them, helps the municipalities through the process of adding a ballot measure, and runs the bidding process, negotiating the final price for the municipality. So far, Good Energy has helped upwards of a half of a million households in Illinois, and is expecting to add another 100,000 households after April's ballot. Good Energy CEO Maximilian Hoover is proud of his team, and pleased with the number of people his company has helped to date.

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