Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Housing Can Improve Residents’ Health

Switching to LED bulbs and taking other energy-saving actions can reduce energy bills and be good for the environment. But energy-efficient measures, especially in multifamily housing, may have some other, more significant benefits, according to a recent blog from the Natural Resource Defense Council.

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Energy Management System Market Poised for Growth

The strong European market for energy management systems may be an indicator for growth in the stateside, according to a recent report from Global Market Insights, a Delaware-based research organization.

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Renewables to Account for Half of Global Energy Generation by 2050

The world’s electricity system will fundamentally change by 2050 because of inexpensive renewable and battery technologies. Renewable energy sources, including solar and wind, will generate half of the world’s power by 2050, according to recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), a research organization devoted to the clean energy sector.

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12 Quick & Easy Tips to Save Energy

As the temperature rises, your energy bills could increase, too. To keep your bills low and save on electricity costs this summer, follow these 12 easy tips:

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About Good Energy
Good Energy launched a business to bring a simple concept to the marketplace... savings via lower electricity costs and superior efficiency lighting solutions. A smarter way to buy power and to use power. With ever changing technologies and product offerings Good Energy has provided new efficiency applications to the market and has pioneered a community centric buying approach that has achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to the residential and commercial segment.

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