West-Central Illinois communities ready themselves to vote on energy aggregation

Come Tuesday, seven communities in Western-Central Illinois, including Quincy and Pittsfield, will vote on the energy aggregation referendum which would allow residents to negotiate as a group their own price for energy. Pittsfield chose Good Energy as their energy consultant to help ensure that the public is fully informed about energy aggregation and to negotiate a lower energy price with independent energy suppliers. To help still-undecided voters make up their minds, the Herald-Whig included in its article a quick guide on the basics of municipal aggregation.

Source: Utility bills are bottom line when voters cast ballots on electrical aggregation [Quincy Herald-Whig]

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Vote "yes" on energy aggregation, Herald and Review editorial says

The Herald & Review released an editorial today advocating a "yes" vote on the energy aggregation referendum come Nov. 6. If you vote for energy aggregation and it passes, and you decide later that you don't want to participate, you're not obligated to. You can simply "opt-out." As the editorial explains, having bulk purchasing power is the essence of energy aggregation.

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Robinson Illinois gets an education in energy aggregation

On Monday, Javier Barrios, a managing partner of Good Energy, spoke to attendees at a community meeting in Robinson, Ill. about the benefits of energy aggregation. He encouraged residents to vote "yes" on the energy aggregation referendum, which, if passed, would allow residents of Robinson to act as a single buyer. By coming together in a collective, the residents of Robinson would have more buying power and thus more sway in the market, driving down the price of energy. All residents would be enrolled automatically, but if a household does not want to participate, there will be an opt-out period during which they can return to Ameren Illinois' service. Barrios emphasized that automatically enrolling all residents in the program made the likelihood much higher that residents would be able to broker a much lower energy supply rate.

Source: County gets more aggregation info ahead of election [Robinson Daily News]

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Good Energy on WTYE 101.7 in Crawford County

This week, Good Energy sat down with WTYE 101.7's Chris Forde on the "Civic Interest" news program to talk about the Electricity Supply Proposition that will be on the ballot Nov. 6. Javier Barrios, Managing Partner of Good Energy, explained to Chris what the history of the program is and what the merits will be if residents of the City of Robinson, the Villages of Hutsonville, Oblong and Palestine, and the unincorporated portions of Crawford County vote "yes" for the program.

Source: 101.7 WTYE "Civic Intrest" with Chris Forde

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A good idea a year ago; a good idea today

A year after Philip Carr, Business Development Director for Good Energy, introduced the concept of energy aggregation before the Glen Carbon Village Board, local communities, including Edwardsville, will vote on an aggregation referendum. If the referendum passes, Carr promised that residents will see a 25 to 27% reduction in their energy supply costs because they'll be able to bid as a collective.

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Illinois residents who have already implemented energy aggregation trumpet its success

In November, more than 220 municipalities in Illinois will go to the polls to vote on municipal aggregation, a plan which will allow residents to buy their electricity supply in bulk. Instead of continuing with Ameren Illinois, or in some areas Commonwealth Edison, residents will contract with a new independent energy company, which will be chosen after a competitive bidding process.

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Good Energy talks with Brian Byers on Byers & Co on Newstalk 1340 WSOY Radio in Decatur

In an interview on Newstalk 1340 WSOY, Charles de Casteja, Managing Partner of Good Energy, discussed the municipal energy aggregation program with Brian Byers on the Byers & Co radio talk show. He explained what the measure intends to do as well as the benefits that voters should be aware of. When voting, residents who approve of the program should vote YES!, and are advised to listen to the interview to familiarize themselves with the question they will be seeing on the Nov. 6 ballot to avoid any misunderstanding.

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Granite City Ballot Set to Include Municipal Aggregation Measure Again

Although Granite City residents did not vote to pass the municipal aggregation measure in March, they will have another opportunity to vote again on the Nov. 6 ballot. This time around, Granite City officials are optimistic the measure will be approved and are putting a greater focus on helping residents better understand the issue. Good Energy is helping by encouraging voter education through billboards, mailings, and meetings.

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Good Energy on TV: WAND-TV 17 Central Illinois teaches us about the benefits of Electric Aggregation

Great TV news story on Electric Aggregation from WAND-TV Channel 17 (Champaign, Springfield & Decatur). The news story features Good Energy Managing Partner Charles de Casteja speaking at the Decatur Civic Center yesterday. We learn how communities like Urbana and Peoria voted YES! last March and are now saving 25%-30% on their electric bill. This equates to about $200-$250/year saved per household.

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As election day nears, Good Energy ramps up campaign to teach voters about energy aggregation

To prepare voters for the Nov. 6 ballot, the city of Decatur, IL is working with Good Energy to provide consulting and inform its residents of the upcoming municipal aggregation referendum. If the measure passes, Decatur will be eligible to participate in the program, which aims at combining many communities purchasing power to negotiate for a cheaper electricity rate.

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