Reaffirming the state’s commitment to renewable energy, the Massachusetts State Senate approved a bill that sets a 100-percent renewable energy standard by 2047. Legislation approved by the state’s senate also would remove net metering caps and increase the energy storage mandate to 2 GW by 2025.

The Massachusetts State Senate approved the clean-energy regulations 35-0, but the legislation still needs to be approved by the Massachusetts House, which has its own versions of energy proposals.

Included in the senate energy legislation also is a provision limits utility regulators to demand charges for customers with devices that provide near real time energy consumption monitoring. The legislation would better define system-wide hours when customers would be charged more and provides for charges similar to time-of-use rates.

This change also bases such charges on system-wide peak usage, instead of individual use. This provision would negate a January decision which allowed Eversource to impose a monthly demand charge for new solar customers in 2019.

In addition to the demand charge changes, the Massachusetts State Senate also passed legislation that would remove the state cap on net metering for non-governmental solar panel generators. This solar-friendly move would allow customers to sell back more power to the grid.

The Senate bill also seeks to bolster the state’s commitment to renewable energy by adding 5 GW of offshore wind energy, creating time-of-use rate plans for electric vehicle charging stations. In addition, the bill seeks to increase Massachusetts’s renewable energy portfolio through the 100 percent renewable energy use by 2047.

Massachusetts has already been making advances for cleaner energy alternatives, with a goal of adding 200 MWh of storage capacity by 2020.

One of the best tools Massachusetts communities have for becoming greener is community choice aggregation. Good Energy helped develop the largest bulk-purchasing program in Massachusetts, enabling residents and businesses to save money while providing more renewable energy options.

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