This past August, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) selected Good Energy as its green municipal aggregation provider.

MAPC, a regional planning agency serving 101 cities and towns of Metropolitan Boston, promotes growth and regional collaboration. Member cities Somerville and Newton and towns of Arlington and Sudbury participated in the initial procurement and other MAPC municipalities may sign up throughout the year. About 70 Massachusetts municipalities participate in aggregation programs, which pools community energy buying to help stabilize and lower costs.

MAPC selected Good Energy through a competitive proposal process, and municipalities that subscribe to MAPC’s contract can utilize Good Energy consulting services. New York City-based Good Energy manages more community energy aggregation programs than any other management firm in the nation. In addition to representing 24 Massachusetts communities, Good Energy manages programs for more than 200 communities of more than 2 million people nationwide.

Massachusetts communities with aggregation programs can also choose more environmentally friendly energy sources. With Good Energy as its green municipal aggregation provider, several MAPC municipalities have developed programs to add more renewable energy to the New England electricity grid.

“We are proud to implement a cutting-edge aggregation program that will have a tangible impact on greening our region’s electricity grid, without sacrificing stability and competitive prices,” says Cameron Peterson, Manager of Clean Energy at MAPC. “MAPC is excited to help municipalities take advantage of this innovative opportunity to benefit ratepayers and the climate.”

Some Massachusetts municipalities have already made significant advances toward incorporating renewables into their energy supply. For example, Somerville has taken several steps toward its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

“Good Energy is very excited to be selected and looks forward to helping MAPC communities harness the community wide purchasing power of municipal aggregation to implement innovative and forward-thinking local renewable energy procurement strategies at an affordable rate,” says Philip Carr, Good Energy’s New England Regional Director.

To learn more about how this program helps add more renewable energy to the New England electricity grid, visit MAPC.

To see if your city or town could benefit from a community energy aggregation program, go to Good Energy.

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