About 20 miles east of Syracuse in upstate New York, the City of Oneida common council considered how Good Energy could help save residents and businesses money through community choice aggregation.

During a January 20 City of Oneida common council meeting, Good Energy’s Managing Partner Javier Barrios and Renewable Commodities Associate Edward Carey shared a presentation about how the company could save residents and business energy costs by negotiating better pricing through pooling the city electricity load.


Barrios and Carey described the easy implementation and administration of community energy aggregation programs and how residents and businesses could opt out of such a program. Also, Barrios explained how City of Oneida residents would still call their energy supplier, National Grid, about any service-related issue.

To allow Good Energy, New York City-based energy consultant and broker, to negotiate better rates, the City of Oneida needs to pass a resolution approving the company as its energy broker and conduct a study of local electric use. If the City of Oneida approves such a resolution, Good Energy will then conduct a 60-day public awareness campaign to explain the community energy aggregation program.

“This is a necessary step as we move forward with the green energy plan,” Mayor Leo Matzke said.

Good Energy administers more than 200 similar energy choice programs that lower energy prices for more than 1 million households nationwide, including New York communities in Westchester and Onondaga counties.

Here’s more information about the Oneida common council meeting.

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