With energy deregulation and more residents and businesses saving money through energy aggregation, the number of programs nationwide continues to expand.

An article in Energy Manager Today highlighted the predictions of Good Energy experts about how energy aggregation will expand into commercial and business markets. Industrial, commercial and municipal customers will utilize energy aggregation, according to Good Energy Managing Partner and Director of Sales Charles de Castéja.

Good Energy aggregation plans often save businesses an average of about 10 percent in annual energy bills.

Although participation in energy aggregation programs varies state by state, about 20 percent of participants are commercial facilities, de Castéja says. States that currently have community energy aggregation programs include Ohio, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey. City to city and town to town, the programs allow customers to band together for better energy prices, according to Javier Barrios, Managing Partner of Good Energy.

Massachusetts has been on the leading edge of participation in aggregation programs. The state initiated the Cape Light Compact in the 1990s. Many Massachusetts residents and businesses sought aggregation programs because of the high cost ad volatility of the natural gas market. Recently, more and more Massachusetts communities have turned to Good Energy to help stabilize prices and lower bills.

In addition to representing 24 Massachusetts communities, Good Energy manages programs for more than 200 communities of more than 2 million people nationwide. The city of Melrose and town of Dedham in Massachusetts have also turned to Good Energy to help implement more environmentally friendly sources of energy.

“An energy manager needs to be aware of what their community is providing in aggregation,” says Good Energy’s Philip Carr. “When they receive the opt-out notice they need to analyze it versus what they are trying to achieve if they are thinking of switching and dealing directly with the utility.”

For more information and to see if your community or business could benefit from community energy aggregation, visit Good Energy.

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