The Houston-based power generator Dynegy has recently expanded into two states and looks toward additional development, too.

During a recent earnings call, Robert Flexon, the CEO the publicly traded company Dynegy (DYN), touted the company’s retail expansion into Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and opened the possibility of entering the Texas market as well.

Emphasizing balance sheet performance, Flexon also characterized the company’s business in Illinois and Ohio as solid and growing. In addition, Flexon said the company will push municipal aggregation in Ohio as part of increasing competitive retail sales in the coming year.

“Retail sales for Dynegy in the residential and municipal aggregation markets also increased period-over-period by almost 15 percent,” Flexon says. “We expect this trend to continue in 2017 as the retail team has been working to help educate communities in Ohio on the benefits of adopting municipal aggregation programs, which would increase consumer buying power in those communities. Dynegy was instrumental in helping municipal aggregation growth in the state of Illinois and we are leveraging this expertise to help Ohio consumers.”

Dynegy’s municipal aggregation and residential sales were 9.8 TWh in 2016, up from 8.6 TWh in 2015.

“Dynegy, a valued partner to Good Energy, is an excellent example of how the energy providers can enter a market and provide benefits for customers while being profitable,” says Javier Barrios, Managing Partner of Good Energy, an energy company, which provides consulting services to communities in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and several other states. “Dynegy’s success is also a testament to the continued interest and growth of community energy aggregation.”

Dynegy operates power-generating facilities for businesses and residents throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Texas. The Houston-based company generates more than 31,000 megawatts of electricity, powering the homes of 25 million Americans.

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