Texans are turning to energy aggregators to create affinity programs to save residents money on utility bills. Recently, a Gulf Coast chamber of commerce signed up for an affinity program, according to an article in Energy Manager Today.

Taking advantage of the bulk buying power, associations, places of worship, and chambers of commerce can negotiate better rates for members through consultants such as Good Energy.

Affinity programs in Texas have been previously used for residential customers, but energy consultants such as New York-based Good Energy have enabled businesses, including industrial and municipal entities to turn to power aggregation, too.

The state’s major utilities – including American Electric Power (AEP) (Southwestern Electric Power Co., Central Power and Light Co., and West Texas Utilities), TXU Electric, Reliant Houston Light and Power, Energy (EGSI Texas), and El Paso Energy – have created Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Program. Providing incentives to implement energy-efficiency and summer peak demand-reduction measures, this program allow customers to participate directly or have a third party, such as Good Energy, act as the Project Sponsor. Incentives are paid for both energy and summer peak demand savings and are based on either deemed savings values or measurement and verification. Incentive levels and eligibility requirements vary for each utility.

“Building and operating a successful affinity program requires a great deal of coordination with organizations and its members, extensive utility analysis to determine the degree of opportunity, and diligent, steadfast supplier negotiation in order to achieve the best possible program structure for participants,” says Scott Heath, Managing Partner of Good Energy, which provides consulting services to communities in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and several other states. “We proudly offer such services to Texas and look forward to expanding our services in the state.”

Good Energy is able to provide electricity supply consulting services for power consumers these utility companies: Reliant, TXU, CP&L, AEP and TNMP. If you are served by one of these utilities, you can take the first step toward saving on utility bills by downloading Good Energy’s account usage release form, printing it, filling in the blanks, then faxing it to 212-792-0223.

For commercial facilities, Good Energy offers tailored solutions to qualify for savings and utility incentives. Call Good Energy for more information at 866-955-2677.

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