Industrial energy consumers can save significant energy costs by implementing ENERGY STAR recommendations and by working with Good Energy’s energy efficiency experts.

In fact, industrial facilities could save up 2 to 10 percent of electricity costs annually by implementing ENERGY STAR recommendations. Improving electrical efficiency can account for much of these savings.

With the ENERGY STAR resources, manufacturing facilities can develop better energy efficiency programs and improve energy performance. These ENERGY STAR efficiency measures have been developed in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency during the past 10 years.

ENERGY STAR recommends starting by evaluating load profiles and historical energy use data. Using ENERGY STAR Plant Energy Performance Indicators (EPI) enables facilities to compare energy use to industry averages. ENERGY STAR and the EPA have developed EPI guides for 16 industrial sectors. Such comparisons can help gauge and improve a plant’s energy efficiency.

Other resources available from ENERGY STAR include:

ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management, which describes how to create an energy management system

Teaming Up to Save Energy, about forming corporate energy teams

Energy Treasure Hunts, a roundup of ways to find low-cost and easy-to-implement energy efficiency measures.

In addition to following ENERGY STAR recommendations, Good Energy’s experts can help your business save on energy expenses, too. With Good Energy, your company can conduct engineering studies at commercial and industrial facilities that can find ways to significantly cut energy costs. Good Energy can help your business with benchmarking, predominant use studies, power factor correction, and retro commissioning to enhance efficiency.

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