Good Energy in the News: Rolling Meadows, IL Mayor is Charged Up Over Low Rate

The Journal & Topics newspaper tells us how Good Energy helped Rolling Meadows, IL residents lower their electricity supply rates from 8.30 cents per kilowatt-hour down to 4.62 per kilowatt-hour.

Read how the Mayor is "Tickled". (Glad we can help Mayor Rooney!)

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Good Energy in the News: Electrical Aggregation Rate Confirmed for Godfrey

Godfrey, IL residents will benefit from lower electricity supply rates. "We are overly excited to accomplish our ultimate goal, which is to provide savings for all the cities involved in our aggregation," - thanks to Good Energy.

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Eureka, IL Residents Could Save 35 Percent on Energy Bills

Residents of Eureka, Illinois have reason to celebrate. On May 9, 2012, after Good Energy negotiated a contract with energy supplier Homefield Energy, the supply cost of energy for Eureka residents dropped precipitously. As a result, residents will see savings of up to 35 percent on the cost of their energy supply on their next bill. Though Homefield Energy will be the new supply company, Ameren will continue to act as the energy distribution company for southern and central Illinois. If residents so choose, they can continue to buy their energy supply from Ameren as well, although the price will be higher than the one Good Energy negotiated.

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Peoria, IL Residents Could Save More than Expected on Electricity

In Peoria, residents are expected to save big on their electricity bills starting June 2012. With the consulting help of Good Energy, Peoria voted to shop its residential and small business electricity load as a group. As a result, many Peoria residents, who were formerly supplied by Ameren, will switch to Homefield Energy and will see deep cuts in their energy bill. Residents will save as much as $225 and $250 annually, and over the course of the two-year contract, Peoria residents as a whole will save upwards of $9 million on energy supply costs. Ameren will continue to handle distribution and to issue all electric bills to all households throughout Peoria.

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South Pekin Could Miss Out on Electricity Savings

Despite going through the steps to approve municipal aggregation, representatives of South Pekin, Illinois were not allowed to participate in the energy auction that took place on May 9. As it turned out, South Pekin had not fulfilled the necessary requirements to take part in the program, which include holding two open meetings in which the public can express concerns about the program and have their questions addressed. Managing partner of Good Energy, Charles de Casteja, said that if South Pekin wanted a shot at the new locked-in energy rate, they'd need to act immediately.

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Good Energy in the News: Urbana Sets Contract with Electric Supplier Through Aggregation

The select Urbana residents who chose not to participate in the municipal energy aggregation program, which was arranged by Good Energy, will still have a chance to sign up for the lower energy rate. Fifty counties and municipalities across Illinois came together and decided to buy energy in bulk from an independent energy supply company. Residents who initially opted-out of the program will still be able to go online, plug in information about their energy usage habits, and see how much they would save if they had decided to participate. Ameren charges 6.3 cents per kilowatt hour for energy supply, and the new rate offered by Homefield Energy is just above 4 cents per kilowatt hour, meaning Urbana residents will see savings of 35 percent for energy supply.

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Good Energy in the News: Ameren customers can soon buy power from...Ameren?

In a recent bulk buy of energy in Illinois, Homefield Energy won a two-year contract to supply energy to Illinois residents of more than four dozen municipalities and counties. The electricity contract provides for energy supply at a greatly reduced price vs. the tariff rate. Here's a twist: Ameren Corporation owns both Ameren Illinois, which historically provided energy to all of Illinois, and also Homefield Energy, the new energy supply company that won the contract. Homefield was one of five independent energy supply companies that submitted bids to Illinois residents, who were then able to buy their energy supply in bulk from a company other than Ameren Illinois. As a result of this new contract, many residents are no longer buying from Ameren Illinois, but their money still flows into Ameren Corporation. In the end, what matters most is that residents will still see a nearly 35 percent reduction in energy supply costs.

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Good Energy in the News: Ameren's Homefield Energy wins opt out aggregation bid

Homefield Energy has won a two-year contract with Illinois residents, pursuant to which Homefield will supply energy at a fixed low cost. Through the middle of May 2012, residents of Illinois still had the opportunity to "opt-out," meaning their business would stay with Ameren Illinois, instead of transferring to Homefield Energy. The difference between the two companies is only the cost per kilowatt hour of energy consumed. Good Energy traveled around the state speaking at public meetings and answering questions and concerns about municipal aggregation. Their goal was to make the public's transition to Homefield Energy, a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation, which also owns Ameren Illinois, as easy as possible.

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Good Energy in the News: Aurora Approves Plan for Electricity Aggregation

The Daily Herald explains how the Aurora, IL City Council approved the plan for electricity aggregation. The City Council was guided by Good Energy, and its decision paves the way for residents to save money on their electricity supply costs.

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